MyRide’s Date with Mobility Movers and Shakers

As the rains came and the traffic situation on the Nairobi roads tightened on Monday morning, MyRide Africa was engaged in the discussions themed “Growing towards Smart Cities” at the 2019 Urban Mobility Summit at Nairobi Serena Hotel.  

The day revolved around panel discussions and speeches from the government, international and non-governmental institutions’ mobility champions. We also saw and interacted with mind-blowing innovations around green energy, sustainable transport and the role of big data in shifting the dynamics of mobility. But that data is being used to address middle-class problems with middle-class solutions showed the sidelining of the poor population. But that MyRide Africa is serving the middle and low class is a pointer to our future prospects as we work with more data.

With the insightful discussions in the room the whole day, there is hope that we will stop dancing around the elephant and take the lead in delivering our city transport wise.

                                     Smart Solutions = Smart Cities.   

The climax of the day was the pitching of startups to stakeholders and investors as the 8 startups graduated from the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) Startup Accelerator. MyRide Africa was one of the graduates and we’re happy to have learned, networked and are now confidently riding past the limits.

Cheers to new beginnings, literally!

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