MyRide Africa in CHINA.

I was privileged to be one of the selected youth to participate in The 2050 Migratory Bird Program 2019 in China last month courtesy of The iHub Nairobi. It was a 3 – Day Event that well represented with participants from several countries as well as the host Chinese coming to over 2000 people in attendance.

Africa was represented by 4 Tanzanians and 2 Kenyans, Martin Kasomo of LIPISHA and myself representing MyRide Africa. Two other Kenyan representatives could not make it due to various reasons.

With Martin Kasomo, CEO – Lipisha

It was a great Tech Expo with a great set up. It involved a lot of breakout sessions, innovative talks, technology demos and mini events. This took place at The Alibaba Cloud Town Headquarters in Hangzhou City. The City is clean, well planned and serene being surrounded by hills and forests. We were not able to tour around as much due to the tight program though but made the best of what was available.

At the venue in Alibaba Cloud Town, Hangzhou.

I have numerous stories to talk about from my experience and will break them down into bits and pieces over the next few days. I had great adventures, talked to business leaders, visited cool places, got lost in the city, tried out different restaurants & local cuisine, played 7-aside football, sang karaoke, played some live music, tried out different modes of transport, flew drones, recorded a Robot Live Band (Couldn’t jam with them though) and made so many international friends.

Attached are some pictures of what went down. I did not have a pro camera with me so I just used my phones.

Enjoy and stay tuned for the next piece…

Live Address on Big Screen!
Testing Out various Drones
Talking a walk in Shanghai
Riding Metro Train from Shanghai Airport to Shanghai CBD
Brian Wong from Alibaba Group
2050 7-Aside Soccer Team
Shanghai BRT
A Street in Shanghai.
Session on sorting Traffic using AI
River Cruise in Shanghai
Magnetic Bullet Train doing 431 KPH in 2 Minutes
Some of The World’s Tallest Buildings at Pudong, Shanghai
Outside the Shanghai World Financial Centre
Self Driving Autonomous Car
Bicycle with a Jet Engine!

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