MATATU CHRONICLES – Tout of my dreams!

Vibe… Viiiiibbbbeee my people’s viiiiiiibbbbbeeee!

Okay, calming down… * inhale exhale*

So there is this guy! He swept me off my feet. No really he did!… I remember like it was yesterday… But when I think about it it was yesterday ( technically the day before I first put this down)

So I’m waiting for a matatu at one of those make shift bus stops and after about an hour of waiting for an empty javv this one shows up.

Super relieved though I was super late for a meeting in town! * if you’re reading this and I told you I was stuck in traffic on this day … My sincere apologies!* so I brace myself for that mini battle with other passengers to get into the javv. My matatu people I bet y’all understand the hustle …my Ngong road people eh?
So where was I …. Hmmmh… Yeah… The matatu arrives and oooooh my people there he was! Not your average tout!

This one …heaven sent I tell you heaven sent!!

He was in a black suit ,black tie and a white shirt! Not some boujee suit but compared to the usual funny looking ones *not all some* he was an 11 on my scale of 10… Hus dreadlocks tied neatly in a man bun and the Cologne …. Oh … It just blessed the dusty atmosphere!
So I suited up for battle … Elbows out ! Backpack now being carried on the front for safety purposes! Time for the test of strength!!

Baaaam! This excruciating pain in my eyes! Then I sort of couldn’t see for a while. Before I could get a grip of the door handle I felt my feet leave the ground… A strong set of hands clenching my arms.

All I could think of was … The theme song from a series I loved watching when I was younger…. Something like … Somebody saaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvveeeeee meeee! * smallvile – idk if that’s the spelling*
And alas! I was now in the matatu…. The tout asking me questions… I reached out for my specs that were supposed to be on me …but now he was holding them. Right eye lens shuttered… My right eye sore and red! * yes that’s what happen to my spectacles …Velma moments*

But for sure this guy has changed my perspective of touts… I didn’t get to know his name… But just in case you ever read this Mr. Goodman Sir thank you for not being oblivious of the distress I was in!

I got medical attention BTW….I’m feeling much better!