MyRide Africa Tracking COVID-19 cases in Public Transport

Following the Covid-19 scourge and the ever increasing cases in Kenya, several measures have been put in place by the Government to try and curb the spread of the virus. These include reducing passenger capacity to ensure distancing is observed within the matatu, mandatory wearing of masks for both crew and passengers and ensuring each passenger is sanitized upon boarding the matatu. Policemen have also been deployed to help enforce these measures.

To boost these efforts, we at MyRide Africa took it upon ourselves to join the battle by using our creativity, technical know-how and domain expertise in public transportation to help fight this menace.

We introduced the passenger manifest feature to be used by crew for quick commuter check-ins into their matatus and reinforced the trips feature for use by commuters for personal record keeping.

Overview of Features that are useful for the fight against Covid-19

1. Passenger Manifest

The conductor records the Name, ID number & Phone number of each passenger whenever they board the vehicle. They also record the body temperature for each trip. This information is saved on the app, and can be referred to for Contact Tracing when required. This is a great update and alternative to the current paper manifests in use which can aid transmission of Covid19 by passing them back and forth at Traffic Police Checks.

The Passenger Manifest Feature.

2. Travel History

The commuter self-records their commute details. They can also easily initiate Mpesa payment from the app. This was originally built to help the commuter to keep a record of their trip details, the collected data can be used to track their potential exposure to Covid19 through public transport.

The Travel History Feature.

These features provide the following benefits to the various stakeholders in the public transport industry during this fight against Covid19 and beyond;

Benefits to Government

  1. Can track potential close contacts of Covid19-positive cases that have used matatus and the vehicles they used.
  2. Improves oversight capabilities over the PSV transport system during this period
  3. Access to actionable passenger feedback

Benefits for Commuters

  1. Get to wait for and take their favorite matatus
  2. Can track all the trips taken and the cost
  3. Can book middle to long-distance travel
  4. Can rate and view ratings of various matatus
  5. Can easily report incidents hence feels safer

Benefits to Matatu Crew

  1. Can take a quick manifest of everyone entering a matatu
  2. Can broadcast location to be followed and booked
  3. Can communicate with users on the app directly in case of an incident
  4. Drives traffic to well-managed matatus

Other General Features of the App


The app facilitates chatting with other passengers, the matatu crew, the owners and the sacco managers. This is a very effective feedback mechanism for PSVs.


Passengers can rate their rides. These ratings are publicly availed and are used to rank PSVs. This empowers passengers to select the highly rated rides.


Commuters can know the live whereabouts of their favorite matatu (PSV) and wait for them. Matatu crew that build a loyal following around their rides spend less time waiting for passengers, especially during off-peak hours.


This is a directory of trips available to all locations in East Africa. At the moment, we keep up to date contact details of point-persons that can facilitate trip booking.


Commuters can keep a record of their trips. This information is handy in terms of keeping a tally of expenses, and also especially when they forget anything inside the matatu.

Matatu Map

Commuters can easily fnd routes and matatu stops all over the city by just searching for their desired destnaton. It also draws the route path and has an option to share the route as text.

The app is absolutely free to download and use and any consultation or training needed by crew or commuters is also available free of charge. Feel free to set up or refer us to a matatu or Sacco in need of this.

MyRide Africa App is available on Google Play. Download it here!

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RIP Bob Collymore

For those who know, we have always had a great story about #BobCollymore and #Matatus in our pitches.
Its usually an ice breaker on how he came to Nairobi and fell in love with our #MatatuCulture that he decided to become “Crew”. Unfortunately he had to quit and join #Safaricom after being assigned an “old” ride.
After this we would go on a rampage about how cool our Matatus are then feature him again at the end when he rode in a matatu with the President from State House to the CBD.
He was indeed a great guy who served in more ways that we could all imagine beyond his main business line.
From us at #theMatatuSocialNetwork May his soul Rest in peace.
Below are a few pics of him in various Matatus and buses in Nairobi.

2016 in Review!


Was it just me or did 2016 fly past us faster than a Rongai Mathree heading to Jaza wadhii hapo Railways? Anyways, We at MyRide had a good run last year thankfully.

Here are some of our greatest highlights in 2016:

  • Developed new features of the MyRide App and improved on User Interface. We also completed the Owners dashboard or CHP (Complaints Handling Platform).
  • We gained more App users (Downloads) and got an all time high of retained active users. We are close to 5,000 downloads now on Google Play and have about 20+ people interacting with the App daily.
  • We interacted with and made great contacts with various stakeholders in the Matatu Industry including SACCOs & PSV Owners, The Public Transport Operators Union PUTON, The National Transport & Safety Authority NTSA as well as other bodies dealing with road safety.
  • MyRide was also featured in High profile interviews on National TV as well as  in digital and print media. You can view the Interview on K24 TV Morning show here. Also, In the wake of TICAD 2016, MyRide got an opportunity to be interviewed and featured in the Nikkei Asia Review Magazine by renown International Journalist Ken Moriyasu. You can read the feature here!
  • We also crossed borders by participating in International forums like The Africa Business Idea Cup finals in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
  • Finally, one of our greatest moments were when MyRide  took part in various competitions and was able to win various awards as listed below:

The Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program Fellowship

We were greatly privileged to be selected among The 1,000 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program 2016 fellows. This was out of 45,000 Applicants Africa Wide. 

ADMI Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

MyRide was also represented in The Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI) Entrepreneurship Boot camp after emerging as winners in The Airtel Disruption By Design (DXD) 2015, Tech Category.

Africa Business Idea Cup 2016


MyRide Kenya was one of the two Kenya finalists in The Africa Business Idea Cup 2016 that took place in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and battled it out with 9 other startups from all over Africa.

TransDev Transport Challenge

MyRide alongside two other start ups will be meeting investors i Paris, France this February after successfully making it to the finals in The Transdev Mobility Challenge held at The iHub, Nairobi.

AITEC Anti-Corruption App Challenge

MyRide Kenya was 1st runners up at last year’s Anti Corruption App Challenge organized by AITEC East Africa ICT Summit 2016.

In conclusion 2016 has taught us a lot and we took the lessons straight up. We are already applying what we learnt to make things better. All these enabled us to forge on further in making steps towards formalizing the Public Transport Industry in Kenya and Africa as a whole.

This year we are also bringing everything Public Service Vehicle (PSV) related in Kenya into one place. From the coolest matatus to the latest in policy as well as whats happening on the road. From now you can refer to us as #TheMatatuGuys

We are looking forward to greater things this new year starting with the launch of our new version of the App which is all inclusive with very exciting features and awesome User Experience.

The App is currently under test so watch this space!

Beba beba!!




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