MyRide Passenger Manifest

It goes without saying that the Covid19 pandemic has disrupted the world. Public Transportation has not been left out especially here in Kenya. A bunch of new regulations have been released by the Government to help curb the spread of Corona virus in and via PSVs. These are now being effected especially after the inter-county travel lock down was lifted.

At the moment many PSVs are still using Paper Manifests which beats the whole transmission logic since the driver has to hand over the manifest to Traffic Police at Checkpoints. Also paper is not a sustainable solution as they have to keep printing and copying regularly and the data can easily be tampered with and get destroyed. The copies also get easily lost/destroyed hence no reference to previous trips when required.

After inquiries by some drivers who have been using our MyRide Booking Feature, we decided to engage and come up with an easy to use Digital Passenger Manifest for their use.

The conductor records the Name, ID number & Phone number of each passenger whenever they board the vehicle. They also record the seat number and body temperature for each trip (All PSVs must have Thermoguns). This information is saved on the app and can be shared and exported as a PDF. The data can also be referred to for Contact Tracing when required. The service is charged at a weekly rate of KES 100 ($1) .

Below is an illustration of how to set up the manifest on the MyRide Africa App available on Google Play.

Get the app here!